05 June 2011

The Face of Genealogy

Ah. The face of genealogy? Nothing is better than this pic, the author of Pearl's Day Books, Pearl (Williams) Pointer herself:


09 April 2011

Mmmoooving Around

p. 10 Cows.

Put 2 heifers in Livings pasture May 13, 1916
Took roan cow out Aug. 14
Put one bull in Livings pasture June 25, 1916
(took him out Aug. 24)

[A line is drawn here.]

Put four horses in Tom Eliotts pasture May 19th 1916

Put one horse in Eliotts pasture June 4, 1916

Took one horse out of pasture and paid $7.00 July 14

Put 2 horses in Good's pasture July 27, 1916

[A line is drawn here.]

Took one cow from Hez Eliotts pasture and paid $10 June 13, 1920
Boar out Nov. 25, 1922

[A circle is drawn around the boar entry above.]

Put cattle in Schmidtz pasture May 11, 1924

[The word "Paid" is written on top of this last entry.]

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My Thoughts
These look to be Pearl's bovine/equine/swine notes on whose pasture the Pointer's livestock were being kept in at the time. These types of entries are plentiful throughout the Day Books. Seems it was common to "rent" out your pasture land to those who needed it.