23 March 2011

Loads of Work


Road Work          1924

Sept. 2     1/2 day                              $2.50
  "      8         1 day, 19 loads gravel
  "      9     1/2 day
  "    16        1 day  16 loads, Hands pit
  "    17        1 day  16     "          "       "
                                Jay's poll tax worked
  "    22        1 day
  "    25        1 day  18 loads
  "    29        1 day
Oct    1        1 day  14 loads Stevens
   "      2        1 day  24 loads
   "      3        1 day  8 loads Jones pit
   "      7        1 day   "

13 da.

[The word "Paid" is written over the above entries, and a line has been drawn beneath the above entries.]

June 13th, -1927-
3 horses in Dan's pasture

[The word "Paid" is written over above the entry, and a line has been drawn underneath the entry.]

2 horses in Meyers pasture May 20, 1928

[The word "Paid" is written above the entry.]

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My Thoughts
A part of Interstate 45 here in Texas has been under some type of construction since the 1960's, or thereabouts.  It can be frustrating at times, and other times, annoying.  I think the only good thing about it is that I don't have to do the work.  I pay taxes for someone else to do all the work.

This was not so in Pearl's time.  It seems they worked on the roads just as much as they worked in the fields.  Though Pearl does not tell us the details of their road work, it still sounds like a lot of hard work.  Could you imagine after it rained? Yikes!

In these entries, she does indicate names.  I'm guessing here, but with a quick look at the 1919 Collins Township, Story County, IA map that I found on historicmapworks.com yesterday, these names are Harve's & Pearl's neighbors that share a road with the Pointer farm.  And the "loads" that she refers to are probably loads of dirt.  She also refers to loads of gravel and 2 pits that belonged to Hand and Jones (both nearby neighbors).

Below is a photo of the Pointer farm with the road in front of it.  It was probably taken in the 40s or 50s, and, of course, it's from Great-Uncle Donald.

The Pointer Farm showing the road in front.  Courtesy of Great-Uncle Donald.

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