12 March 2011

The "Why" Behind This Blog

When I mentioned on my main blog, Family Stories, [in my Life's Not Fair post] that my father-in-law had shared his grandmother's (Pearl Williams Pointer's) day books from the farm in Iowa that spanned from approximately 1916 to about 1943 with me, Nancy commented if I had any plans to transcribe and post them on the internet.  She went on to say that her ancestors had had a farm in Pennsylvania, and that the business end of the Pointer farm in Iowa had to have been similar to her ancestor's farm in Pennsylvania from the same time period.

"Huh," I thought to myself. Nancy had a very good point.  It'd be kind of selfish of me to keep it and not share it.  So, this is why I started this blog. A blog about Pearl Williams Pointer's farm's Day Books.  The business end of the farm.  [I wasn't lucky enough to get her personal journal.  That is, if she had one.]  I'm going to try to post a page a day.  [Notice I wrote, "try".]  Not only will I post the page, I'll try to post pictures of the people mentioned, applicable excerpts from Great Uncle Donald's memoirs [one of her sons], and my own personal comments from my research of the family wherever appropriate to make the story come alive.  Yes, you read correctly.  The story.  Indeed, her Day Books cover the business end of the Pointer farm, but they still tell a story.  Or maybe I'm biased and I try to find a story in everything.  [Shrug.]

Anywho, I find them interesting, and I think the family historians out there will find them interesting as well.


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  1. How interesting, Caroline! Can't wait to read more!


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