22 March 2011

Odds & Ends


(Eggs - 1922)

Feb. 3     10 doz.  4        .30 cts     $3.10

[Lots of blank space in the middle of the page. Then a line was drawn.]

Sim   1/2  da, took load home

Mon. & Tues
Put in fence.

July 18     1 da, (both) 
  "    20     1  "       "

My Notes
This appears to be where Pearl started to notate the eggs produced on the farm in 1922.  There will be more egg notations later for different years.  Therefore, we'll have to see if this egg accounting for 1922 is continued elsewhere.

Also, the notations on the bottom of the page look to be the continuation of the hay accounting from the previous page as well as a notation of putting in a fence. It looks like Uncle Sim helped with both tasks in approximately 1916 or 1917.

So, just odds & ends.  Nothing "earth shattering".  However, we are approximately 7 pages away from the actual day-to-day listing of expenses on the Pointer farm beginning with 1918.  This is where, in my opinion, you really get a sense of what life was like on the farm.   Since there wasn't much writing today, I thought I'd add to the story with some of Great-Uncle Donald's family photos of the farm as well as images of the Pointer family farm mortgage from 1912.  [I told you Great-Uncle Donald is awesome.]

The old Pointer home taken from the east.
Pointer barn & corn crib from house.
1912 Mortgage for Pointer farm. (outside)
1912 Mortgage for Pointer farm. Paid in full in 1915. (inside)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've really enjoyed reading this blog. The amounts and costs tell so much--and I really like the way you flesh it out with notes, pictures and scanned artifacts. It really helps me picture what it was like back then.


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